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jewellery from silver wire weave by hand with pearls and semi precisious stones. The name of ENERGY is exact, this jewels are full of energy which I put inside. They are airy but very well-marked and they give you an interesting look, selfconfidence and feeling of someting special. A special, extraordinary  and selfconfidence women wear this jewels.

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Energy necklace with labradorites

200 EUR

Energy necklace with tourmalines

220 EUR

Golden Energy necklace with lapis lazuli

160 EUR

Energy necklace with rhodolites garnets

180 EUR

Long Energy earrings with rubies

160 EUR

multilines Energy necklace with topaz

260 EUR

Energy pendant spiral with labradorites and rainbow moonstone

200 EUR

Energy necklace with smoky quartz

180 EUR

Energy pendant spiral with black raw diamonds

360 EUR

golden Energy necklace with small black freshwater pearls

160 EUR

Small Energy earrings with raw diamonds

100 EUR

Masive energy necklace with shaded green emeralds

240 EUR

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