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The inspiration for the Flowers collection was taken from a fragile kingdom of plants that awakens the clearest feelings in us. Sometimes it is surprising how something so delicate can be both solid and durable. Tough and sensitive, receptive and resolute are the women who wears these jewels.

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small pendant "lotus" with black freshwater pearl

72 EUR

small pendant "lotus" with rose cut freshwater pearl

88 EUR

hanging earrings "star anis" with rainbow moonstone

100 EUR

short necklace "star anis" with rainbow moonstone

100 EUR

stud earrings "lotus" with freshwater pearls

100 EUR

hoop earrings "lotus" with freshwater pearls

120 EUR

long necklace "star anis"

120 EUR

ring "star anise" with rainbow moonstone

120 EUR

hanging earrings "lotus" with freshwater pearls

140 EUR

long doubleside necklace "heart"

140 EUR

long necklace "star anis" with rainbow moonstones

140 EUR

open ring "star anise" with rainbow moonstones

160 EUR

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