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Jewelry inspired by another world – the galaxy world around us and inside of us. Jewelry with different types and forms of stones. Timeless, elegant and original.

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Hanging earrings Galaxy with rainbow moonstone

100 EUR

Ring Galaxy with two peridots

380 EUR

Ring Galaxy with blue and green tourmaline

260 EUR

Stud earrings apatite cat's eye

120 EUR

Ring Galaxy with two aquamarines

340 EUR

Ring Galaxy with three aquamarines

440 EUR

Ring with dendritic agate in pear shape

180 EUR

Ring Galaxy with aquamarine

260 EUR

Stud earrings Galaxy with amethyst

88 EUR

Hanging earrings Galaxy with garnet and gold lines

180 EUR

Stud earrings Galaxy with rhodolite garnet

100 EUR

Galaxy ring with rhodolite garnet

200 EUR

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