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Sylvie Majerová

Jewelry for me is as energy supply and increasing of beauty and uniqueness of women. I love the moment when jewelry come into life while wearing by a woman. I am working and living for happiness and I hope my jewels bring happiness to you by watching or buying.

My big dream and desire is coming true by making a jewellery. After studying landscape architecture jewellery come to my life intensely and I started to make a jewels with a support of my husband. Nowadays I prefer to work with sterling silver and precisious stones, which attract me. I am interesting in energy of materials which I am working with, my other interest is energy medicine and makrobiotics. Ideas for creating jewellery comes to me fluently, I am using it and give them my own energy.

Jewels from my workshop are delicate and expressive at the same time, formed with heartfelt energy and sophisticated design. Currently I use three different types of basic techniques: hammering, casting and working with wire. I cast jewelry by myself in a small series. During the whole manufacturing process of making jewelry the environment and ecology is taking into account.

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