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Jewelry from the Gold line collection is made of 14 or 18 karat gold. These are exceptional pieces with collector's and rare gemstones. It is a "future heirloom" jewelry. 

I am aware of the great environmental burden caused by gold mining and I work with gold with caution to the nature. 

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Gold necklace Heart with Oregon Sunstone

1.680 EUR

Gold necklace Sun with Oregon Sunstone

1.640 EUR

Gold ring with sapphire from Kenya

1.120 EUR

Gold earrings with aquamarines

720 EUR

Gold ring EYE with Kenya parti sapphire

960 EUR

Gold necklace with rock crystal - mandala cut

1.080 EUR

Gold ring with Oregone Sunstone

840 EUR

Gold ring with teardrop peridot

920 EUR

Gold ring with Swiss blue topaz in “mandala” cut

1.000 EUR

Gold ring with yellow Umba sapphire "Heart"

1.800 EUR

Gold ring with red Umba sapphire "Sun"

1.440 EUR

Gold ring with cats´ eye jade with gold halo

1.280 EUR

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