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Necklace with hessonite garnet and chains

260 EUR

Necklace with peridot and tourmalines

220 EUR

Necklace with scapolite

220 EUR

Necklace with citrine

260 EUR

Necklace with dendritic agate and gold dots

200 EUR

Necklace with dendritic agate and rondelles of andesine

200 EUR

Gold ring with yellow Umba sapphire "Heart"

1.600 EUR

Gold ring with red Umba sapphire "Sun"

1.360 EUR

Necklace with brown sapphire

300 EUR

Hanging earrings with dendritic agate and ethiophian opals

200 EUR

Ring with big rainbow moonstone

200 EUR

Ring with citrine and wide band

260 EUR

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