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is collection celebrating the beauty and magic of nature gemstones. It contains various types of jewelry which has using and dominance of gemstones in common. One of a kind jewelry.

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Necklace with Ethiopian opal

280 EUR

Ring with rectangle labradorite

160 EUR

Ring with violet Super 7 (Melody stone) and gold dots

200 EUR

Stud earrings with geometric rose cut rainbow moonstone

120 EUR

Stud earrings with pear shape rainbow moonstone

100 EUR

Ring with rectangle tourmaline

180 EUR

Ring with two tourmalines and wide structured band

260 EUR

Ring with big oval labradorite

180 EUR

Ring with labradorite and silver halo

140 EUR

Ring with labradorite and gold dot

140 EUR

Ring with stripe labradorite and gold dot

140 EUR

Ring with topaz in pear shape

220 EUR

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