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"I have always been fascinated by how the jewelry can tell us whole stories and information about its wearer."

Originality, naturally and carefully crafted jewellery….these are the features which characterize the jeweller Sylvie Majerová. She creates beautiful, handmade jewellery of sterling silver and gold, moreover she works ecologically using naural gemstones with respect to ecology.

Her love and affection are channeled into her craft and can be tangibly felt. Sylvie´s jewellery is crafted in limited editions, the majority of which are unique and original. This is primarily due to her use of gemstones which are only available in one unique piece. Distinctive features of her craft include the usage of colour stones and the combination of sterling silver and gold.


with meaning.

Handcrafted jewelry made with love in the heart of Europe.

Sylva´s jewellery is bought by women and men as a good luck charms, which can motivate them as they transition towards life changes, and positive new periods of life.

"My customers are mostly women who are searching for something more, something that differentiates them or that they want to emphasise, something that resonates with them….and they will feel stronger", says Sylvie Majerová

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