How do I find out my ring size ?



Is it possible to resize a ring?

Most of my jewelry are one of a kind and they exist just in one piece only. Resizing rings can become often complicated and problematic. Mostly, I can enlarge a ring by 1-2 sizes, resizing a ring down can be only exceptional. Changing of ring size is charged on individual base. It can vary by each piece of jewelry. In general, the size adjustment is between CZK 200-500.


Can I supply my own material (sterling silver or gold) for the production of jewelry?

Jsem zastáncem recyklace starého a ráda bych vám tuto službu nabídla, ale vzhledem ke komplikovanosti recyklace nepřijímám pro výrobu vámi donesené drahé kovy.


Can I supply my own stone for the production of jewelry?

Your stones often have a great emotional value for you. I would not be able to replace this value in accidental case of a stone break. So, after a long time, I decided not to work with precious stones that I would not choose myself.


Can you make custom jewelry? Can I create my own jewelry design that you will process for me?

I'm not a custom jeweler. My jewelry is created by an intuitive process. I can´t work according to a template that was created in another mind. If you like some type of my jewelry, but you would only prefer it with another gemstone, do not hesitate to contact me, we will arrange it.


Do you also offer a gift voucher?

Yes, I offer gift vouchers worth CZK 1000, - , 2000, -, 3000, -, 4000, -, 5000, - and CZK 10000, -. To purchase them, please contact me via e-mail.


Is it possible to return the jewelry?

Every piece of jewelry is a handmade original produced in my studio. Therefore, the final product may slightly differ from the photo shown (mainly applies to jewelry with stones). I want you to be satisfied with my jewelry, so if there is a reason you can´t or don´t want keep the product, contact me. We will find a solution.

Custom jewelry (ring size made for you) is not possible to return.