Interview with my gemstone suppliers - Abdul Waseem

19. 02. 2023

Our cooperataion with Abdul from India lasts from the begining of my jewelry business. I found him for his strands of gemstones I use for my Energy collection of handwoven necklaces. He supplies me handcarving stones as a Buddha, eye, butterfly as well.


Tell me please your name and where are you from?

My name is Abdul Waseem and our company name is Maryam Exports and Sarim International and we are from Jaipur, India.

We are four working in our company and also my other family members like my father, mother and my wife help us in stringing strand when we need it.


How did you start with gemstone business? Do you have some special education? Did you have some other job before?

In 2004 after completing my education we start working for local gemstone company which supply gemstones and they encourage me to start export work for their gemstone so in 2008 we start this gemstone business.

Yes I have Diploma in Software Management.


Are you from “gemstone” business family?

Yes. My great grandfather start this gemstone business.


Who are mainly your clients?

Sweetcreek Store, Hampton Rocks Shop, Nina Nguyen & Sylvie Majerova.

And our first customer is Mineral Blaha.


What do you like the most about your job?

Satisfaction of our customer.


Do you have some favorite gemstone or cut?

My favourite gemstone is Tourmaline.


Do you remember the most interesting or expensive gemstone you have sold?

Yes very fine quality aquamarine but we have not picture available.


What are your source of raw gemstone? Do you have a long term cooperation?

We buy roughstone from local suppliers who source this raw gemstone from mostly Africa. Yes with some supplier we have long term cooperation. We do not have own any mine.


What made you happy recently?

My nephew birthday.